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As learning technologies evolve, so do the capabilities of modern academic environments. MaxOne offers solutions for all educational environments such as auditoriums, classrooms, gymnasiums, student spaces etc.

Corporate Icon


Enhance digital communication tools for all individuals in your organisation. MaxOne offers solutions for all corporate environments such as conference spaces, boardrooms, huddle areas, lobbies etc.

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Provide the right tools for effective communication. MaxOne offers solutions for government environments such as council chambers, court rooms, briefing areas, meeting spaces etc.

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Professional service providers grow client relationships through unique experiences. MaxOne offers solutions for all enterprise environments such as cultural centres, convention centres, manufacturing etc.

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Modern sport facilities at all levels are leveraging technology to enhance experiences. MaxOne offers solutions for all sports and e-sports environments such as gymnasiums, arenas, outdoor fields etc.

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Control Room

Mission critical applications require the highest levels of reliability and performance. MaxOne offers solutions for all control room environments such as transportation, energy, hydro, utilities, security, emergency etc.

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House of Worship

Modern worship spaces use video technology as a powerful tool for engaging congregations. MaxOne offers solutions for all worship environments such as indoor and outdoor displays, image processing, signal distribution etc.

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Communicate a premium brand identity with lasting impressions through visual experiences. MaxOne offers solutions for all retail environments such as mall billboards, window displays, store signage etc.

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Hospitality venues provide unique amenities to draw and entertain clients. MaxOne offers solutions for all hospitality environments such as hotels, resorts, restaurants etc.